lundi 5 septembre 2011

Simeth-Maya : English biography

BIOGRAPHY: Simeth Maya

Born in Palenque, Chiapas, México.

Medicine Woman (Shaman). Member of Consejo de Visiones Ancianos Jóvenes de Tradición Maya (Vision Council of Senior Youth of the Mayan Tradition). Bearer of the Sacred Fire “Huehueteotl”, with Priestess grade. Receives the Banner of Peace in 2006. Founder of the Prehispanic Dance and Music group “ITZAMKAN” (water-snake shaman). Composer and performer of her three “Music Therapy” CDs with the thousand-year-old instruments of prehispanic México. Founder of the Francophone Institute of Mayan Arts and Disciplines in the City of Lyon – France.

Chronological development

1988 - 2011:

- Degree of Priestess, bearer of the Sacred Fire («Sahumadora»).

- Recognized as Medicine Woman of the Mayan tradition (shamanism), enabled to transmit the tradition’s sacred medicine and the herbal medicine.

- Travel in Europe beside Rigoberta Menchu: Nobel Peace Prize for the Defense of all the American Indians.
- Makes presentations at many conferences throughout the European Community: France (Paris, Lyon, Lille, Grenoble…), Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, amongst others.

- Receives Degree in Bachelor of Arts: International Relations from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

- Officially participates in the organization of the Diplomatic and Consular contest of the Main Direction of the Mexican Foreign Office - International Relations, in Mexico City.

- Works with Head Office in France, to promote cultural and ecotourism in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico City.

- Named cultural representative of Mexico in the city of Lyon (France), for the World Cup, FIFA. Organizes the International Festival of Culture, Dance and Tradition to pass on the word of the Elders of Mayan Tradition.

1998 - 2000:

- Bearer of the Peace Flag, World Peace Project - a project shared by Communities of Bearers of the Peace of all traditions and international disciplines (participating in Western Europe, EE UU and México Communities, mainly).

- Creates her first album: «ITZAMKAN», experimental music of the Maya, music therapy, CD compilation integrated into the universities of Mexico as "musical experimentation" with the thousand-year-old instruments of ancient Mexico.
- Made here first medallion creations inspired in the kin of the Mayan Calendar: the Tzolkin.
- Launched her first Dance, Arts, Culture and Tradition group: «ITZAMKAN».
- Participated in the Mayan Prophecy, with the ceremonial rank of Priestess and Sahumadora, with the Dr. José Arguelles, "Awareness and Harmony for the New Era" in the holy city of Teotihuacan, where around 2.000 persons witnessed this great International event.
- Participated in many international forums in France and the European Community for the promotion, protection and appreciation the Mayan and Aztec cultures (mainly).
2003 - 2006:

- Participated and organized “Las Fiestas Consulares” (The Consular Holidays) in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico "SECTUR" and the Consul of México in Lyon, France, Mr. Jacques Goulois.
- Creates the cultural and humanitarian association, MEXIQUE INTERNATIONAL EUROPE, with it’s head office in Lyon (France).
- Launched here Humanitarian and Cultural Project in the Lakandon area of the state of Chiapas, in the Maya area of México.

- Recorded her second album: "Quetzal-Tonatiuh" (Snake Solar) - music therapy and experimental music with pre-Hispanic instruments.
- Again meets with Dr. Jose Arguelles in Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain, as a representative of the Mayan Sacred Tradition in Europe, and, in this grand international event, conducts the Ceremony of Planting Mayan names.
2007 - 2011:
- Represents Mexican tourism and culture in the European Community.
- Records her second Prehispanic music album, "FUSION OF TWO CULTURES" Europe and Mexico.
- Founds the Francophone Institute o Mayanf Arts and Disciplines: "Simaetha-Maya".
- Conducts many manifestations and cultural events in France and other countries from the European Community.
- Otomi ceremony of the 8000 Drums in France.
- Pow Wow of North America, in Ornans, with the participation of "Four Winds", conducting the ceremony with our brother Maracame, from the Huichole tradition of Mexico (44,000 persons in 3 days).
- Initiation journey in the Ruta Maya in southern Mexico.
- Seminars about Mayan Calendar in the reserves of Tulum - México.
- Show Dance and Music in the Salle Molière, Lyon (France), with Celtic tradition, led by "Shin", Master and Spiritual Guide.
- Conducts the Ceremony of the "Pleiades" as ZIHUA-COATL (Snake Woman) in Belgium.
- Conducts the Sacred Ceremony of the "ROSE OF THE FOUR WINDS" in the Temple of Quetzalcoatl at Teotihuacan, México.
- Participates in the merger of the Mayan and Aztec calendars «6° SUN», with our great grandmother of tradition Akuahtzin-Xochiquetzal.
- Made her Medallion MANDALA-TZOLKIN-KIN Turquoise-Aquarius, for the New Era, promoted by "DG DIFFUSION FRANCE" (harmonized to the recovery of the sleeping DNA), reactivation of the here and now (4-D).
- Crowned by the “Granicera Tradition” from the Red Road, by the Grandfather Oso Negro de Real de Catorce, as “granicera” and “corredora de Temascales”.
- Receives the " CÁNTARO DE AGUA LUSTRAL” to reactivate the memory of the water in Europe, with Guerrero Rojo, to revive the "Aquarius".
- Seminars and conferences in France and Western Europe about the Mayan Calendar and this "three-dimensional time."
- Led the New Fire Ceremony of the "Pleiades" as woman "ZIHUA-COATL" (Woman Serpent) in Burgundy, France.
- Conference "European and Indigenous Shamanism" in Devesset (Ardeche).
- "Reunion International with the l Crystal Skull" on the cote d'azur.

- International Conference of Teachers and Guides: Leads the Ceremony of Planting Mayan names in Barcelona, Spain.
- Leads the ceremony of the "New Fire of the Pleiades", as woman Zihua-Coatl in Girona, Spain Mayan Calendar & Seminars
- Leads the Maya New Year Ceremony in La Garrocha, Spain.
- Seminars and Conferences in Italy.
- Maya Names Plantings.
- Conferences, Exhibitions and Seminars Francophone Institute of Mayan Arts and Disciplines.
- Records her  album: Disco Solar Serpent "Quetzal Tonatiu"
- Ceremonies and mayan shamanical reachings as medecine woman in Poland, Spain and Celtic Britain in France.